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Popo Classic Red, 100% Organic, Guys - Simple Animal

Popo Classic Red, 100% Organic, Guys


'Popo' ist the German word for 'backside', that kids get taught.

Because this little doggie shows his derriere so beautifully, his name was coined Popo. We hope you like his bum just as much, as we do.

Popo is also available in:

white and for the ladies.

*We'd like to stress that here at Simple Animal we don't care about gender roles. It's just a bit tricky to run an online shop without using the common terminology, so please feel free to order whatever style you feel like ordering!

P.S.: Be aware that all Simple Animal t-shirts are hand-printed and therefore each and everyone is unique and can look slightly different from the image. Fairwear Foundation approved, Confidence in Textiles approved. The ink is water-based and Soil Association approved. The printing process is 100% vegan. Best washing results at 30°C, and eco-friendly, too!