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The Imperfectionists

At Simple Animal we're all about using resources in an ecological and thoughtful way.

When hand-printing materials, especially black on white, and with water-based ink (eco-friendly), chances are that a few get a little smudged. Sometimes glue gets on the t-shirt from fixing it to the printing board too quickly, etc., etc.

The imperfectionists are those t-shirts that come with little, or bigger flaws that might sometimes even vanish after washing; sometimes not.

Here's your chance to grab an original Simple Animal product without paying the full price.

The level of damage will vary, you can get lucky, or not so lucky. Think of it as a lottery ;)!

In any case, you'll end up with an ethically produced, high quality shirt.

 Enjoy your shop!

P.S.: 'Imperfectionists' are excluded from the return policy. They are discounted shirts that come with flaws.