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The Vegan bat style - Simple Animal

The Vegan bat style


This one doesn't really need an explanation, does it?

Argh, anyway...here we go:

Don't be afraid to show that you're a vegan.

This shirt is for the brave and proud; for those who are willing to engage in a conversation about veganism (however silly it may be at times). The more common it gets to see that perfectly normal people with lovely t-shirts are vegan, the better ;). Spread the word!

This shirt is slightly see-through, so you must be comfortable showing what you've got; be proud! :)

The shirt has been hand-printed by yours truly Simple Animal in London town.

Every shirt is unique and a true original. Enjoy x

P.S.: Be aware that all Simple Animal t-shirts are hand-printed and therefore each and everyone is unique and can look slightly different from the image.