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Go Vegan, Bitchez! Classic Style, 100% Organic, Ladies - Simple Animal

Go Vegan, Bitchez! Classic Style, 100% Organic, Ladies


This is a nice way of bringing the message across, isn't it? ;)

Let's put it this way: it's like Marmite, love it or hate it. Admittedly, you'll need a little humour to go with it.

'Go vegan, bitchez' has already caused outrage amongst few feminists (especially in Germany, where the 'b-word' is a baaad, baaad word), but we're cool with that!

We say: be a cool #BIATCH, buy the t-shirt and show some balls!


and for the guys.

*We'd like to stress that here at Simple Animal we don't care about gender roles. It's just a bit tricky to run an online shop without using the common terminology, so please feel free to order whatever style you feel like ordering!

The t-shirt has been hand-printed in London by yours truly Simple Animal.

Every t-shirt is unique and a true original. Enjoy x

P.S.: Be aware that all Simple Animal t-shirts are hand-printed and therefore each and everyone is unique and can look slightly different from the image. GOTS certified, 100% organic cotton, Fairwear Foundation approved, low carbon footprint. The ink is water-based and Soil Association approved. The printing process is 100% vegan. Best washing results at 30°C, and eco-friendly, too!