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13 Oct '16

Charity of the Month: FRIEND Animal Rescue, Kent

Happy autumn, dear followers!

I know, I am a bit late this month, but you are in for a special treat!

So today, I'd like to introduce you to another amazing charity that needs our help: FRIEND animal farm. I was lucky enough to volunteer for a day some time ago and loved it there. Some of the beautiful rescue animals were inspirations for Simple Animal designs.

The sanctuary was established in 1994 by Marion Eaton, who sadly passed away after an accident in January 2016.

Marion and her husband Mark have managed to establish a fully vegan animal sanctuary with a message. They have done amazing work for animals in need of help, and today, I'd like to urge you to give FRIEND a little love and support. There are many ways in which you can contribute:

1. If you buy any of the following t-shirts this month (promotion ends on 13th November 2016), you will not only get 10% off, but we will also donate £5 of every sale made to FRIEND. Simply use code 'FRIEND' for your discount when you buy:

Happy Dog, Ladies, Classic

Happy Dog, Ladies, Classic

The Pig, Ladies, Batwing Style

The Pig, Ladies, Boyfriend Style

The Pig, Ladies, Classic

The Pig, Ladies, Girlie Style

Happy Dog, Classic, Guys

The Pig, Guys, Bamboo

Happy Dog, Guys, Bamboo

Happy Dog, For the Kids

The Pig, for the Kids

*Discount only applies to fully priced items!

2. Volunteer! Especially during the cold month, FRIEND needs some help at the sanctuary. Go volunteer and help them feed the animals, clean up a bit and have a city break on this wonderful farm.

3. There's a 'gofundme' page in honour of Marion, and the goal of £6000 hasn't been reached yet, so go do your bit  and help them reach their goal :).

4. Follow them on Facebook.

That's it from me for now.

All the best,

Miriam, founder of Simple Animal


05 Sep '16

Charity of the Month: Animal SOS in Sri Lanka

Today I'd like to introduce you to a small, but important charity in Sri Lanka: Animal SOS in Galle.

I travelled to Sri Lanka in January and was absolutely stunned by the amazing wildlife. I saw so many fascinating animals living a wonderful life of freedom (watch the video here) and that was beautiful to see.

I must say, it was also really good to see packs of beach dogs living a life of freedom, however: those dogs and also cats do sometimes need help and they need to be vaccinated and neutered. Sri Lanka is a poor country, where humans struggle as it is. The Sri Lankan people are generally very warm, lovely and welcoming and I have often seen them give their leftovers to strays, but there are always some exceptions that will hurt strays and it is hard to find a vet.

An English woman by the name of Kim Cooling decided to end the suffering of strays in Sri Lanka. She founded Animal SOS and although there seems to be a never-ending ocean of animals in need, Animal SOS have already helped countless animals to recover from bad injuries. The ones who wouldn't make it on their own, stay at the sanctuary, where they can live in peace.

I encourage you to have a look at the Animal SOS website and take a look at their great work. Also: as you can see, this is a small charity that desperately needs money, so please give what you can, so they can continue their great work.

Thanks so much for reading!

Miriam, founder of Simple Animal


15 Oct '15

VegFest London 2015

Now wasn't this year's VegFest just fabulous?? The queues were unreal and it was exciting to see so many people interested in veganism.

Simple Animal teamed up with #AnimalEquality and got a little stall space (massive thanks to you, guys). The day was a great success and it was amazing to meet so many of you and have a chat. If you all buy a t-shirt, we might be able to afford our own stall next time!