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12 May '15

Better late than never ;)...

Okey-dokey friends,
better late than never, May's special edition has arrived! And we've got some good news: the monthly special editions will now be permanently available, but limited in terms of numbers. We'll be selling 100 shirts of the limited editions, until they're gone. Yay!
In other semi-ideal news: any orders coming in now, will be processed at the beginning of June, because the Simple Animal is currently away and unable to print. So go and have a look at www.simple-animal.com and reserve your tee! 20% off with this code: '20off'.
31 Dec '14

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year,

all you lovely Simple Animals! We shall celebrate the beginning of the new year with the first limited edition, which will be the infamous Purple Cat Frontin'.

A nice splash of colour, isn't it? Hope you enjoy it for the short time that it will be up for grabs. There'll be a new special edition every month from now. Stay tuned.