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11 Aug '16

Simple Animals Features a Charity!


This is Miriam, the founder of Simple Animal. Today I am doing something that I have wanted to do for a long time:

I am writing a blog post about a charity that is very dear to me, the

Soi Dog Foundation.

I was very fortunate to travel to Thailand in February and volunteered there for a week. To be very honest with you; at first I thought I wouldn't like it, but this changed very quickly. It was an amazing experience and it was absolutely wonderful to see what a difference it made to those dogs, who have suffered so much (many of them are victims of the dog meat trade), to actually get human attention.

We volunteers were there to do what the fabulous, local keepers couldn't do: spend quality time with the dogs (and cats), socialise them, pet them, take them for walks and just sit there with them.

My favourite moment was, when Phoenix, a very shy girl who didn't want to be touched, on the third day got up to claim her walk around the pond. It was a very, very slow walk, but she trusted us enough to actually commit to it and that was a huge achievement.

We had our assigned time that we had to spend walking the dogs in our kennel and then we always went off to spend time with the oldies, the blind dogs, the dogs with physical problems, with spasms and all sorts of things that make it tough for those lovely creatures.

Each and every one of them has something really special about them. Alfreda, for instance, although physically challenged and blind, loves to sing along to music :) Singing Alfreda and the lovely Kahlia.

Everyone at SoiDog does a fabulous job. Everybody's so dedicated, all's well organised and they have managed to save lots of dogs over the years, as well as neutering a huge percentage of strays in Thailand.

They survive entirely on donations and will soon be opening a new shelter in Bangkok, which is amazing.

I'd love to encourage you to give, if you can. It will make a big difference and will aid SoiDog in keeping up the good work.

I will try and introduce a charity I believe in each month from now on.

If you are a charity and would like to be featured, please get in touch. We can always feature your merchandise on the Simple Animal website, as long as it is fairly traded / produced.

I am looking forward to reading your feedback and hope you enjoy this first charity-related post.

All best wishes,



21 Aug '15


'LVA will be having a Vegan Outreach stall at the next Tottenham Flea Pit- Alternative market. Come along this coming Saturday, 22nd of August to this local, ethical and alternative punk market and say hello to us! Brick Lane Outreach will also be on as usual on Sunday 23rd from 12-2pm.'

Simple Animal will be on board for this, so you better get down on Saturday to grab some fabulous tees! Exclusive 2016 collection shirts will be available for you to buy. Straight from the Ethical Fashion Show Berlin to London Town.

See you there! Here are the details:

Vegan Outreach


T. Chances, 399 High Road, London N17 6QN


02 Aug '15

The Simple Animal bakes a Cake with #IngredientsforChange!

Hello everyone!

It gets proper funky in Simple Animal Ville. We've teamed up with #Ingredientsforchange and the Simple Animal herself got in touch with her domestic side and showed the world how to bake a really simple, but delicious carrot cake, aka. 'Rueblichuacha' ;). 

Check out the video here: Ingredients for Change